Chubby Unni

Tarty Smart Green Apple Hat-- Crocheted Beanie

Tarty Smart Green Apple Hat-- Crocheted Beanie

He may be tart, but he's got the smarts!



The DIAMETER of this hat is about 10 inches, 
so it is about 31 inches in CIRCUMFERENCE.

From the base to the highest point of the hat base (so excluding stem), it is about 8 inches in height!

This is sized for the adult/ teen head.

This hat is CROCHETED, which means that it does not give and stretch as well as knit material, like sweaters. That isn’t to say it doesn’t at all, but it is minimal.

The light green hat base, the brown stem, and the white part of the glasses are all 100% cotton!

The dark green leaves and the black rim and pupils of the glasses are made of acrylic.

I tried my best to keep the colors as accurate as possible, but due to varying computer monitors in addition to possibly different lighting, the colors depicted may not be as exact as they appear.

As with almost any handmade material, handwashing is best!

However, if you must throw it into the wash with the rest of your laundry, at least make sure to use cold water and on the delicate setting. Mold protrusions (such as cat ears, dinosaur spines, etc.) into shape and leave flat to dry. It is safe to tumble dry low, too, but it may also increase the yarn's tendency to pill.
20 USD